I can honestly say that this is the right time to run. I have the time, family support and drive to succeed and be even more of an asset to the community. My prior professional life as a police officer has kept me from being vocal about city matters. Now as an independent voice I am able to make my opinions public. Who in the community is an independent voice that has asked questions, researched and spoken about issues regarding the Consolidated Dispatch project, problems with bars in downtown West Dearborn and questioned some of the potential problems in the use of 175 police body cameras? I am prepared to work hard for you and address issues that affect the community. As an example, I took it upon myself to attend meetings in Melvindale and Dearborn Heights to learn about the concerns residents and elected officials had about joining Dearborn for the Consolidation of Dispatch services. I spoke to our City Council about several of these issues and concerns. Surveys show that residents feel that Police and Fire are the most important City services. I can use my law enforcement background to better address concerns before our City Council and in matters related to public safety.