City Charter, Section 8.2 Streets and Alleys

“The Council shall have the power to establish, vacate, control and regulate the use of streets, alleys, bridges and public places and the space above and beneath them.”
Not only does Ken Paris have considerable law enforcement experience, he has served on the City of Dearborn Traffic Commission where he currently serves as Chair. He was appointed to the commission by Mayor O’Reilly on recommendation of Police Chief Haddad. The Traffic Commission has proposed changes to ordinances and investigates, reviews and makes recommendations to the Chief of Police and City Council on matters brought before the Commission.

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City Charter, Section 8.3 Licenses

City Charter, Section 8.3 Licenses.

“The Council shall, by ordinance, prescribe the terms and conditions upon which licenses and permits may be granted, suspended or revoked, and may require payment of reasonable sums for any license or permit.”

Ken Paris has budget and ordinance enforcement experience in both a municipal and university environment. He has written policy and procedures and has drafted and provided suggestions for recent city ordinances. Ken played a role in reporting and getting the public involved in attending council hearings against West Dearborn bars that were deemed to be a public safety concern this past year. The Liquor licenses for those bars were reviewed for possible recommendations to the Liquor Control Commission to revoke their licenses.

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City Charter, Section 8.4 Rights as to property

City Charter, Section 8.4 Rights as to property. “The Council shall have the power to acquire for the city by purchase, gift, condemnation, lease, construction and to make alterations to all structures and property, real and personal, necessary for the proper performance of the operations of the city. Any purchase or sale of real property located more than five miles …

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